Cataraqui United Church

Tradional Worship Wrapped in Casual Style

Rev. Anne MacDermaid - Supply Minister

When our minister left unexpectedly, we looked for the right person to help us until we could

regroup and then move forward. But first we needed someone to just step in and preach on Sundays!

It didn't take us long to realize we had found a treasure in Anne. 

Anne has become a member of our family. She bakes pies, washes dishes, brings puppets to services

to share with the kids, laughs and cries with us.

But Anne's greatest contribution has been to bring us back to the roots of our faith. By sharing her knowledge 

of scripture as well as her life experiences she has encouraged us to look again at the reasons we gather to worship. 

Anne can be reached through a call or email to the church office.


David Fewtrell - Music Director
David is a  dedicated musician with  talent in both keyboards and vocals. 

David is a devoted grandfather and has  a gentle sense of humour.  

He brings a special presence to our choir and music. 

David can be reached by calling 613-548-4392 and leaving a message for David in the church message centre

or by emailing to and noting "David" in the subject line

Kathy Teske - Church Treasurer
When she is not crunching the numbers, Kathy enjoys music and her passion for horses and riding.  

Kathy is always ready and willing accept your online payments for church functions and 

your donations to our ministry and missions.

She will also provide updates and answer questions regarding your contributions .

Kathy can be reached by calling 613-548-4392 and leaving a message for Kathy in the church message center
Kathy can be reached by our office email at and noting “ Kathy” in the subject Line

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